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DAA students are empowered to become leaders. We provide them with an unlimited range of opportunities to believe in and communicate the power of their ideas and actions.

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    Fostering Leadership

    Our student leadership is committed to fostering spirit within the student body and bringing the community together.

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    Digital Innovation

    Introduction to AI is now an elective at Dubai American Academy, and Sreejit Chakrabarty explains how education can benefit from it.

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    Endless Opportunities

    DAA students have multiple opportunities to partake in workshops or overseas trips focused on areas like innovation.

Innovation in


Our Center of Excellence

for AI and Robotics

The establishment of this Center is a response to the rapid rate of technological and societal changes in today’s world and aims to drive the changes needed to ensure current models of education remain relevant to the dynamic nature of industry.


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Stay up to date with all the information and events happening in our Center of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.

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