Parents and guardians should be at the heart of any child's education. We value our parents' feedback and ensure they have the best experience at DAA.

Meet Our Parents

  • “The parent involvement is one of the reasons we are at DAA. There is such a feeling of transparency and real feedback about your kids. You feel a sense of belonging to the school community and we are proud of this”


    Reine Assaad

    President of DAAPA 2018-2019 / Parent since 2010

  • "We have found that DAA has used technology in a wonderful way with our children.  Our children are becoming fluent in technology, which we believe is critical for their future success.  That being said, DAA has been careful not to use technology as a replacement for good teaching.  Teachers use technology to augment and enhance the learning experience, but that learning experience continues to be driven by exceptional teachers who truly care about child development.

    Our children are resilient, but a move to a new city, and a new school, can be extremely stressful.  We have been so happy, and so fortunate, that DAA has provided such a welcoming, family environment to our kids.  They needed to feel part of a community, and somehow even with a large population, our boys have been able to connect very closely to their grade community, their level community, and the overall DAA family."



    Faizal and Safeena

    Parents of students in grades 5 and 7 at DAA

  • "Beyond the curriculum that is being taught - which I fully support - the teachers are all so engaged and excited and present for the students. They are all intelligent, caring people who seem to be truly immersed in their subject and really want the kids to learn.  And I love that it’s not just straight lecturing to the children but using different platforms and projects and technology that bring the subjects more depth and result in a deeper understanding of the topic.  I think the kids are really being pushed to think and reason and develop critical thinking skills, which is exactly what they’re going to need later on.
    Bravo DAA!"

    Christiane Takesh

    Parent of 8th grade twins and a 11th grader at DAA

  • "This summer we got the first opportunity to scope out all the schools in Dubai and were prepared to switch schools (not because we were unhappy with DAA, but because we wanted to make sure our kids are going to the best school that is committed to and makes available future readiness learning opportunities to students (Tech areas such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Data Sciences, IoT, etc. ) combined with industry exposure for real life learning. We did not find any school that even came close to DAA and were very happy to find that our kids are going to the best school in Dubai and perhaps one of the best (if not the best) schools in the world. I say the latter because I travel a lot globally and am exposed to various schools and school systems. But have not come across any with such dedication and commitment to prepare students for the future in areas of emerging and cutting edge technologies (particularly starting kids at an early age in primary and middle schools). We hear similar views from many other parents we interact with. 
    Again, we thank you and the school’s administration for its vision for and commitment towards its students. If we can help and support the school in any way, please let us know."

    Roshi and Sanjeev Goel

    Parents of Ishaan Goel (10th Grade) and Yajur Goel (6th Grade)

  • "We had a great 14 years in DAA, and the time flies so fast. As we parents get older, it is wonderful to see how our kids mature. 
    DAA always makes me smile with great memories of my daughter growing up.  One unforgettable memory I have is when my daughter was in elementary school and one rainy morning the road inside the school was covered with water in a flood. When students got out of the cars, the elementary school principal carried the kids one by one from the cars to the pathway in his bare feet and rolled pants. He welcomed all parents and students - it really showed how much he cared about the families and it made for a happy rainy morning.   Our daughter loved school so much and enjoyed school time. 
    School was not a chore for her. 
    DAA is always her best place to meet best friends and new people - she feels like DAA is her second home.
    I was also satisfied with her developing maturity as well as academic achievement throughout her years in DAA. 
    I like the school atmosphere, and the DAA students are great!
    Even though the students face difficulties in academics (IB can be tough!), they do not give up and cheer each other on for better achievement.  They all do their best and strive for personal growth. Best students and best teachers make the best school. - Of course together with parents and best faculty.  I want to recommend all families who have lovely son and daughter to join DAA families."

    Ho Jei Sung

    Parent of Alumni graduate 2018

  • "We have a strong administration team and strong faculty. Some of the teachers I have known for many years and consider as family. With the educational level of my son, the school has the right resources to know what he needs. DAA is all about teamwork, happiness, kindness and listening to its community.  DAA is my home."

    Khadiga Alaoui Slimani

    Parent of Abdelllah Daifallah (Grade 8). Parent since 2009

  • "DAA is in my blood. This is the best environment that my kids have ever been in. There is a culture of kindness and they work on character and there is really a lot of learning with fun which is such a baseline for the school. I’ve had the best teachers ever and we are like a family. Kids never complain about going to school they can’t wait to start the day. They are getting the right education, right curriculum and the right knowledge that they will use their whole life. This is a real community that you will not forget wherever you go."

    Mary Mahfouz

    Parent of students in Grade 8 and 4

  • "Without a doubt, DAA has impressed us since the day we have started. DAA has a great reputation in Dubai and we were a bit intimidated by this. Our concerns were rapidly addressed as we have always felt welcomed and part of an extended family. The entire staff clearly understands the dynamics of people who relocate to Dubai and are there to support you along the way, while removing all apprehension you may have on the school for your kids. The DAA campus is world-class. Every single resource that you can conceive, and more is available to our kids. From the basic school supplies to athletic facilities, workshops and the most sophisticated technology you can think of, like drones or robotics. It is important to note, though, that the use of technology is not gimmicky, it is actually leveraged to advance the education of our kids. Our experience with the academic staff is not any different. All teachers that have been in contact with our kids have developed a rapid understanding of their personality and learning style. This has almost created a personal mentoring relationship with our kids. Moreover, the staff is always going off their way to ensure the education journey is jointly driven at home and school. Lat, but not least, we love the mindset of creating future leaders and citizens of the World. Dubai is the perfect scene for this!"

    Adrian and Begona

    Parents of Grade 4 and 6


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