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Fees and Payments

We endeavour to make our payment process as easy as possible with a range of simple and straightforward payment options, as well as a clear, concise fee structure. You’ll find everything you need to know about our fees and payment process here. Of course, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Telephone: 04-704 9777

Email: [email protected]

Payment Policies

The tuition fees are due prior to the start of the academic year and payable in advance of attendance, at the start of each term. Tuition fees will be invoiced from the time of admission to ensure that payments can be processed before the start of the term. If your circumstances change, it is essential that you contact us in advance of the deadline so that we can guide you on available options. Please note, all tuition fees are in accordance with the fee structure established by GEMS Education under the guidance of KHDA established School Fee Framework.

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Application Fee

An application fee of AED 525 (Application - AED500/-, VAT- AED 25/-) is due at the time of application. This fee is:

  • Refundable if the school does not offer the student a place. Unless, the child's registration is carried forward to the following academic year.
  • Non-refundable if the school offers the student a place but the student chooses not to take it.
  • Not deductible from the tuition fees if the student is offered and accepts a place.

Registration Deposit

This deposit is payable after the student has been offered a place and parents have accepted the offer.  The registration deposit is 10% of the total tuition fees, and is deductible from the total tuition fees for the academic year.  Please note, this is a non-refundable deposit.

Re-Registration Deposit (Existing Students)

This deposit is payable at the time of enrollment to guarantee a place for the following academic year.  The Re-registration deposit is 5% of the total tuition fees, and is deductible from the total tuition fees for the academic year.  Please note, this is a non-refundable deposit.

Please note, students who are unable to be registered with the ministry due to missing required documentation, or students with an outstanding fee balance, will not be able to be re-enroll for the next academic year.

Fee Structure for the Academic Year 2024-2025


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2024-2025 Fees (AED)

KG 1

AED 64, 665

KG 2 AED 64, 665
GRADE 1 AED 91,158

GR 1 - GR 12

AED 91,158

School fees are inclusive of loaned items such as books, and an iPad (only in Elementary and Middle). Registration for Internal after-school activities are also included. School fees do not include uniforms, transport, lunch, and external activity offerings. Students in Middle and High School are expected to bring their own laptop. 

If a student joins in the school during the course of the academic year, the school can charge tuition fees starting from the beginning of the month of enrollment. 

Sibling Discount: 15% discount (for the fourth child) and 25% discount (for the fifth child and above).

K2 - Grade 5, for AY 2024-2025 a fee of AED 10,000 per annum will be in addition to school fees for students applicable for our English Language Learner Program (ELL).

Payment of Fees

  • The Application Fee is payable at the time of the online registration, and is charged to process the application of new students. Once the child receives a formal offer from the school and and is accepted by the parent, the registration deposit is charged to enroll the child and secure the seat.
  • If new students enroll at a school during the course of the academic year, the school can charge tuition fees starting from the beginning of the month of enrollment.
  • Schools can collect annual tuition fees in three installments, due at the beginning of each term. The first term's payment will be 40%, the second 30% and the third term 30% of annual tuition fees.

Fees can be paid online using GEMS Connect App or the GEMS Parent Portal or through direct bank transfer. Fees can also be paid by Cash, cheque or credit card at the school fee counter opened from Monday to Thursday from 7:30am to 3:00pm and Friday from 7:30am to 12:00pm. 

Payment details for wire transfers:

Bank name: HSBC Bank Middle East
Branch: HSBC Tower Downtown
Account number: 023-417587-001
Titled: Dubai American Academy
Swift Code: BBMEAEAD
IBAN #: AE820200000023417587001

Important: Please quote applicant's name and grade or we will not be able to trace the payment. Also remember to add any bank service fees which may be charged for the wire transfer so that we receive the complete amount due. Thank you.

GEMS FAB Credit Card

We offer discount on advance fee payment using GEMS FAB Co-branded credit card up to 4.25%.  

Please contact the following FAB representative for more information:

Name:  Amjad Nazir

Mobile: 0564010406

Email : [email protected]

If you are not able to get in touch with the above representative, you could alternatively write to Mr. Bhushan on [email protected]

For further details on the discount structure and cutoff dates, please contact our finance department at 04 704 9744 or 04 704 9740.


  • In the cases of both existing and new students, the registration and re-registration deposit will not be refunded unless there are extenuating circumstances. These circumstances include, but are not limited to relocation to another country/Emirate or any other unforeseen circumstances.
  • In the case of refund, the school fees will be calculated as follows:
  • Tuition fees paid prior to the beginning of the academic year are refundable and only the registration/re-registration fees will be deducted.
  • If the student was enrolled in the school for two weeks or less, a month's fees will be deducted
  • If the student was enrolled in the school for a period ranging between two weeks and one month, two months' fees will be deducted.
  • If the student was enrolled in the school for more than a month, the full terms fees will be deducted.
  • The refund will be calculated from the start of the term and the date of the official request by the parent stating the intent of withdrawal and not the date when the student was absent. Being on the school register counts as days in school.
  • Monies will refunded via cheque.

Student Withdrawals

All students withdrawing from the school must submit notification of their withdrawal in writing to the Registrar office. A 30-day notification period is required to ensure all necessary documents are ready.

Company Benefits

Parents should note that even if their employer does provide education benefits, the company may not be considered a “Company Pay” account for Dubai American Academy. Parents should check with the Registration Office to inquire about their employer’s status. Parents may have to pay the tuition first and then be reimbursed from their employer, which may have financial implications for families new to Dubai.

Parent Pay Accounts Payment invoices and receipts cannot be split between the parent and the sponsoring company. If a company’s policy does not provide for full payment of school fees, the student account will be shown as a parent pay in the school’s records. This requires parents to pay the registration fee, tuition for the current semester upon initial enrollment and before class attendance. Parents would then seek reimbursement from their company.

Company Accounts

Companies and organizations that have a current account with Dubai American Academy are requested to provide parents of new students a letter stating that the company will be responsible for payment of tuition and fees. These companies are then required to pay the application fee, tuition for the current semester within 30 days of the date the new student is accepted for enrollment.

Non-payment of Fees

School fees shall be paid in full on or before the due date mentioned in the Parent School contract. School reserves the right to send email and / or written reminders, phone calls and SMS to parents who default the payment of fees.  School reserves the right to suspend the student temporarily for 3 school days in a term either consecutively or in intervals after issuing 3 reminder letters. In case of cheque return for any reason whatsoever School will charge an administration fee of AED 500/- for each cheque return by the bank. The school reserves the right to withhold the issuance of learning resource, participation in the extra-curricular activities, field trips, use of school ICT network, library, labs and other facilities. The school reserves the right to withhold the transfer certificate, grade reports, mark-sheets, transcripts, letters of recommendation for any pupil with outstanding fees. The school reserves the right to not re-register students for the following academic year if fees are outstanding. This will be documented by the school through the issuance of dated warning letters. Re- registration fees if paid earlier  will be adjusted against the fee outstanding before denial of place for next academic year.  School reserves the right to adjust the re- registration deposit paid against the fees outstanding and can hold the enrollment process until the outstanding fees are paid before the end of the academic year.  The school and/or the legal entity owning the school may consider appropriate legal action to recover any outstanding fees and inform the relevant authorities. The school and/or legal entity are not responsible for any damages and costs incurred by parents as a result of all and any actions incurred to recover outstanding fees. The school and/or the legal entity owning the school reserves the right to claim legal fees and associated costs incurred in trying to recover any outstanding fees.

Online Fee Payment

To access the online fee payment system, please click here.


“Please note that school fees for the upcoming academic year are subject to change in accordance with Article 51 the Bylaw of Federal Law No. (28) of 1999 Concerning Private Education and applicable regulations.”

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