Uniforms of GEMS Dubai American Academy



Elementary Uniform Requirements (K-5)


  • Regulation Dubai American Academy red polo for KG1 to Grade 2 students, and blue shirt with logo for students in Grades 3-5;
  • Regulation blue shorts or slacks for boys;
  • Regulation blue skirts, slacks or skirts for girls;
  • Regulation elementary school tie (long ties for boys and collar ties for girls);
  • White, black or navy socks;
  • Black or White Activity shoes (trainers) with non-marking soles; dress shoes may be needed for school presentations. For safety reasons, no sandals please.
  • School caps for outdoor activities.


  • Regulation cotton blue sweatshirt with school logo;
  • Regulation cotton blue sweater with school logo;
  • Other outerwear may be worn to and from school and kept in the student’s locker/cubby. Students will not be allowed to wear non-uniform items during school, except on special event days.


  • KG1 - Grade 2 students do not have a separate PE uniform.
  • Grade 3-5 students:
  • Regulation Dubai American Academy polo shirt (or Dubai American Academy t-shirt);
  • Regulation blue shorts (solid navy blue cotton shorts may be purchased elsewhere; no logos or baggies permitted);
  • Regulation swimming suit (personal suits are fine – one piece tank type suit for girls).

Grades 3-5 students are required to wear the Daily Uniform (listed above) on non-PE/Swimming days. On PE/Swimming days, they are required to wear the Physical Education (PE) uniform.


Middle & High Uniform Requirements (Gr.6 - 12)


  • Regulation shirt (fully buttoned) for boys and regulation blouse for girls. 
  • Optional regulation unisex polo for boys and girls. 
  • Regulation dark blue trouser for boys \
  • MS girls: Regulation dark blue skort or trouser for MS girls (No Skirt)
  • HS Girls: Regulation dark blue skirt, or trouser for HS girls (No Skorts)
  • White socks 
  • Black or white shoes with non-marking soles and heels
  • Black leather belts for slacks for boys and girls 


  • Regulation blue pullover with school logo
  • Regulation blue hooded sweater with school logo
  • Other outerwear may be worn to school and kept in the student's locker
  • Students will not be allowed to wear non-uniform items in the classroom


  • Regulation Dubai American Academy athletics shirt
  • Regulation blue shorts
  • Swimming suit (personal suits are allowed. One piece tank type suit for girls)
  • Athletic shoes with non-marketing soles and heels
  • Leggings (ONLY for PE)


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