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Dubai American Academy has been featured on various media outlets. Here are just a few of them...


  • CNN’s Decoded Explores Robotic Classrooms In Dubai -3/25/24


    CNN visited GEMS Dubai American Academy to see how they use robots in the classroom in a school-wide project.

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  • Multiple Grammy Award winning songwriter visits GEMS Dubai American Academy and assessed student performances - 1/9/2024


    Nile Rodgers, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, a Songwriters Hall of Famer and multiple Grammy Award winning songwriter, composer, producer, arranger, and guitarist, has shared his extraordinary story and wisdom with several hundred Dubai American Academy school students.

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  • Comfort and chicness: Dubai student’s fashion line for People of Determination - 1/26/24


    Soham Bahadur, a senior in his final year at GEMS Dubai American Academy, has not just hit the runway with his fashion brand VirLauTus.

  • AI is Silently Revolutionizing the World for Students - 06/07/20


    Amplifying human intelligence with AI has the potential of helping civilisation flourish


  • Ramadan 2020: Tradition and Technology Combine to Put Virtual Iftars on the Menu - 12/05/20


    As safety measures adopted to combat the spread of Covid-19 continue to keep people apart, a mix of tradition and technology ensures the bonds of friendship and family remain unbroken during Ramadan.  


    Senior Iftar 2020
  • GEMS Dubai American Academy launches center of excellence for robotics and AI - 30/1/20


    The center of excellence will promote and deliver future technology and learning experiences for its students. The DAA center of excellence has a range of technologies such a mixed Reality Zone featuring Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Augmented Reality (AR). It also has a Self-Driving car and an autonomous customized Renault Twizy fully electric car. It also has Baxter Robotic Arm capable of facial recognition and machine learning using industry grade ROS and Python coding and many, many more.  


  • Dubai American Academy spearheads paradigm shift - 1/2/20


    Preparing students for the future means having them engaged in technology through hands-on activities. GEMS Dubai American Academy is offering everything from robots, 3D printing, image recognition, machine learning and machine-human interfaces.  


  • GEMS Dubai American Academy Elementary Named Apple Distinguished School - 4/11/19


    GEMS Dubai American Academy has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School from 2019-2022 for its continuous innovation in teaching and learning and implementation of technology in student learning. With 1:1 iPad in its classrooms, the school enables its students to be constantly innovating, creating and thinking critically.


  • GEMS Dubai American Academy is UAE’s first thermal energy storage school - 30/4/19


    The technology has enabled the school to reduce its AC capacity by up to 50% which follows an agreement with Eco-Structures International, which focuses on providing the building envelopes and indoor air quality systems.


  • Dubai school wins award for thermal energy innovation - 30/4/19


    Dubai: GEMS Dubai American Academy has become the first school in the region to win an innovation award for adopting an energy saving and industry leading technology called TermoDeck, making it the first thermal energy storage school of its kind.


  • UAE school student tell HAZZA: ‘we are with you in this mission’ - 20/9/19


    GEMS Dubai American Academy students have expressed their pride in the country’s first Emirati astronaut and have shared a heartfelt special message for him ahead of his September 25 mission to the International Station (ISS): ‘We are with you in this mission’


  • IB results: Dubai students surpass international benchmarks - 6/7/19


    GEMS Education students excelled with 49 students achieving an average score of 40 or more out of a maximum of 45. The students’ performance continues to surpass international benchmarks, with a 2019 average pass of 94%, set against the international pass rate of 78% in 2018. 


  • Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson Addresses GEMS Dubai American Academy Students - 12/2/18


    GEMS Dubai American Academy students had the unique opportunity to discuss astronomy and the cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson – world renowned American astrophysicist and space expert. Tyson encouraged students to pursue things that serve their interests, which might not be visible on exam scores.


  • A Dubai School is Using Robots To Improve Learning and It Sounds Awesome! - 20/6/18

    GEMS Dubai American Academy uses robotics to enhance teaching methods. The programmable robots inspire learning, curiosity, imagination, play and invention. At DAA coding and a genuine culture of kindness is taught to all ages as you can never start too early. 




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