Center of Excellence Launch

DAA's Grand Opening of the Center of Excellence for AI and Robotics

Innovation in Teaching and Learning

GEMS Dubai American Academy has officially launched its new Center of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The establishment of this Center is a response to the rapid rate of technological and societal changes in today’s world and aims to drive the changes needed to ensure current models of education remain relevant to the dynamic nature of industry.

The vision of the Center of Excellence is to promote educational and research activities in the field of AI and Robotics. It bridges the gap between businesses and educators with a distinctive capability to harness the intellectual energy of the academic world with state-of-the-art AI and robotics technologies.

GEMS Education undertook the initiative to strengthen the country’s AI and Robotics ecosystem that will serve as a platform for intelligence-sharing and technology collaboration in the cutting-edge areas of AI and Robotics.

Cutting-edge Technology

The GEMS Dubai American Academy Center of Excellence has a range of cutting-edge technologies such as Mixed Reality Zone featuring Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Augmented Reality (AR) manufactured hardware from Facebook, Microsoft and HTC, with software like Unity 3D. The Center also features a Self-Driving Car, an autonomous customized Renault Twizy fully electric car.

In the Robotics segment, the Center showcases the Baxter Robotic Arm, a collaborative research robotic arm, capable of advanced facial recognition and machine learning using industry grade ROS (Robot Operating System) and Python coding; and Assembly Line Robotic Arms, a Dobot Magician robotic arm industry 4.0 setup, mimicking an assembly line using varied end effectors such as grippers, suction cup as well as laser engravers.

The Center of Excellence is founded on the research that 65% of the jobs needed in 10 years’ time do not exist yet. The Center of Excellence for AI and Robotics will ensure students are fully equipped with the skills, expert guidance and grasp of emerging technologies required to prepare them for a radically changing world as well as for jobs of the future.
- Sreejit Chakrabarty, Director of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence


In Pictures: The Grand Opening

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