DAA Awarded Best American School

Best American Curriculum School UAE 2023-2024

GEMS Dubai American Academy has been awarded the Best American School in the United Arab Emirates 2023-3024 by Schools Compared. DAA has been recognized for its continuous exploration of AI and robotics, innovation in teaching and learning and happy, delight-filled students.

The facilities and technology are supported by an outstandingly rich, well-rounded education across Sport and the Arts. "This is a school that defines the pinnacle of investment in almost every aspect of curricular provision." said Schools Compared. 

According to Superintendent and CEO Dr. Ethan Hildreth, "This amazing award from the Top School Awards, often been called the Oscars of international education, has named DAA the Best American Curriculum School in the UAE. To sum in a single word why we won this award it is 'Community'. This includes our students, parents, families, faculty and staff and entire support team at DAA.". 

“With over 80 activities and incredible academic results by our students, our High School has terrific pathways in the American Curriculum, a top-notch AP program and one of the most successful IB programs throughout world ” said High School Principal Dr. Cody Yocom. “At Dubai American Academy we believe social development is a foundation of learning. From ambassadors to student council, we give students opportunities for voice and choice in their learning to create future leaders at DAA” said Middle School Principal Dr. Justin Reynolds. "Within the Elementary school we have an inquiry-based curriculum with strong foundations in the United States. Our community is defined by outstanding teachers, students and parents. The greatest attribute of our school is our happy students, who come to school excited to learn everyday." Said Elementary Principal Mike Gilmour. 

"We are extremely excited to receive this award. We ensure that all of our students are provided AI and robotics, woven through the core subjects. We continue to push the boundaries of our offerings by adding electives such as blockchain and crypto-currency, and game design. ” - Head of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation Tammy Jockinke 

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