DAA Graduation

Announcing the DAA Class of 2020 University Acceptances

We're proud of our students

No doubt our class of 2020 had the most challenging year of their academic careers as they faced a global pandemic.   

“These life events don’t define you, rather they shape you. You are the definition of grit. This persistence plus resilience will make you stronger people. When faced with adversity, you will have the ability to draw on these strengths to overcome life’s unexpected events because you are not just survivors, you are thrivers!”
- Tammy Murphy, Superintendent/CEO


Through it all, our graduating class of 2020 persevered, supported one another and they made us proud.  With the unwavering love and support of their families, and with the constant guidance of our teachers and counselors, they were offered acceptances to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities around the world. We wish them much success as they venture into new learning journeys beyond DAA.  



Among many others, our students have been accepted to:

Princeton University





Penn State

Georgetown University

Geneva Business School, Switzerland

Johns Hopkins University

Watch: DAA Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony

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