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Individualized Approach

GEMS Dubai American Academy student have been accepted to top universities around the world with a focus on North American destinations, including a variety of Ivy League universities.  Finding the right university for our diverse group of students is paramount. 

Individualized Approach

in Academics

Discover how we explore Individualized Approach through Academics

  • student-choice

    Student Agency

    The i3 is our framework for nurturing our future leaders and creators: iNQUIRY, iNNOVATION, and iNTEGRITY.

  • 1:1 iPad Program

    The one to one iPad system provides all students with innovative opportunities to learn, create and present lessons.

  • Student Counseling

    Counselors help each student develop self-insight and self-understanding as they progress through school.

Individualized Approach

in Arts

At Dubai American Academy, we provide our students with a vast selection of opportunities to engage in Art, Music and Theater, both during and after-school. Our students come away with a deep appreciation and love of the various art forms, mediums and genres. We encourage creative expression to support our students to create, design, direct or perform, wherever their passions may lie.

Individualized Approach

in Athletics

Discover how we explore Individualized Approach through Athletics

Athletic Excellence

At Dubai American Academy there is a strong emphasis on developing a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and on acquiring team skills to learn and compete co-operatively with others. Dubai American Academy offers its students a variety of sports catering for the different talents within the student population.


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    100 fixtures, games or events this year

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Individualized Approach:

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