Mike Gilmour

Elementary Principal K-5

Mike is the Principal of the Elementary School at GEMS Dubai American Academy.

It’s a privilege to work at DAA alongside our dedicated and passionate faculty.


Prior to joining DAA, Mike worked in Singapore for ten years where he served in a range of educational leadership positions. Before becoming an administrator, he taught physical education to elementary and middle school students, and taught grade three in the classroom.


Originally from Cape Town, South Africa Mike is joined in Dubai by his wife and two lovely children. Both are proud DAA leopards! Mike has a master’s degree in educational leadership which he obtained from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and looks forward to pursuing further studies in the coming years.


In addition to striving for academic excellence, he believes successful schools place an emphasis on developing a sense of community among all stakeholders. This deliberate interconnectedness forms the foundation of our learning culture and shapes who we are as a community of learners.



Meet Our Team

Our Leadership Team, with over 200 years of combined diverse experience, takes great pride in serving the children of this learning community. Their thoughtful practice and commitment to student-centered decision making keeps children at the heart of the work they do. This makes for an exceptional team to serve the families of Dubai American Academy.

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