Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Middle School Curriculum Brief

The Middle School Curriculum is built around the core subject areas of English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Arabic and Islamic Education. The Middle School academic program strives to provide meaningful learning experiences for students enriched with opportunities for students to be thinkers, inquirers, innovators and responsible digital citizens. The Essential Fluencies of innovative learning are integrated into the whole curriculum and structured in a way that develops the skills our students need to succeed, today and in the future. A strong advisory program is integrated into our ‘Transformation and Discovery’ program. This program offers opportunities for students to work on personal projects which foster their Future Fluent mindsets and advanced technology applications, as well as their project management and design thinking skills.

All classes with the exception of Mathematics in eight grade, are heterogeneously grouped.

Students can choose from the following electives to further enrich their learning journey at DAA: French, Spanish, Art, Drama, Choir, Band, Digital Design and Design Technology.