American / IB Curriculum

GEMS Dubai American Academy offers an enriched American curriculum with an international perspective for students in KG1 through grade 12

The curriculum is based on U.S. national standards and best practice research, and the language of instruction is in English.

The core program emphasizes reading and the language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Arabic language for native and non-native speakers, and Islamic Education for Muslim students. In addition, students in preschool through grade 10 receive instruction in health and physical education with an emphasis on healthy living and good moral character. All students continue their studies in the core areas while being exposed to a wide variety of electives such as, digital video, visual and performing arts, and world languages.

Instructional objectives are clearly defined in all subject areas, but academic expectations are flexible enough to both support and challenge each individual learner. The “fluency” pillars will be at the epicenter of GEMS Dubai American Academy’s approach to curriculum, teaching and learning, and will define the learning experience for all students.

Academically, GEMS Dubai American Academy provides future-focused learning experiences that will empower and enable students to become the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders capable of challenging, influencing and sustaining the world they will inherit.

Through the provision of highly-distinguished and world-class education delivering outstanding outcomes and experiences for all students, GEMS Dubai American Academy prepares students to meet the challenge of a university education. Those who are exceptionally motivated may choose to pursue an International Baccalaureate Diploma. This qualifies students for entrance, and in many cases advanced placement, in most universities worldwide.

Beyond academics, GEMS Dubai American Academy strives to instill in all students a culture of kindness, a positive attitude toward lifelong learning, an appreciation for cultural diversity, with mastery of multiple literacies and fluencies to support genuine personal growth and future readiness.