Uniforms of GEMS Dubai American Academy


Elementary Uniform Requirements (K-5)


  • Regulation Dubai American Academy red polo for KG1 to Grade 2 students, and blue shirt with logo for students in Grades 3-5;
  • Regulation blue shorts or slacks for boys;
  • Regulation blue skirts, slacks or skirts for girls;
  • Regulation elementary school tie (long ties for boys and collar ties for girls);
  • White, black or navy socks;
  • Black or White Activity shoes (trainers) with non-marking soles; dress shoes may be needed for school presentations. For safety reasons, no sandals please.
  • School caps for outdoor activities.


  • Regulation cotton blue sweatshirt with school logo;
  • Regulation cotton blue sweater with school logo;
  • Other outerwear may be worn to and from school and kept in the student’s locker/cubby. Students will not be allowed to wear non-uniform items during school, except on special event days.


  • KG1 - Grade 2 students do not have a separate PE uniform.
  • Grade 3-5 students:
  • Regulation Dubai American Academy polo shirt (or Dubai American Academy t-shirt);
  • Regulation blue shorts (solid navy blue cotton shorts may be purchased elsewhere; no logos or baggies permitted);
  • Regulation swimming suit (personal suits are fine – one piece tank type suit for girls).

Grades 3-5 students are required to wear the Daily Uniform (listed above) on non-PE/Swimming days. On PE/Swimming days, they are required to wear the Physical Education (PE) uniform.

Middle / High School Uniform Requirements (Grades 6-12)


  • Regulation DAA light blue oxford shirt with logo, fully buttoned. *
  • Regulation dark blue slacks for boys.
  • Regulation dark blue skirts or slacks for girls. The skirt length should be at or below knee length.
  • Regulations dark blue tie with logo.
  • White socks with skirts and black socks with slacks.
  • All black shoes with non-marking soles and heels.
  • Black leather belts for slacks. 

* Grade 12 Seniors have the option of wearing Senior Polo Shirts on Sundays and Thursdays. 


*Grades 6-12 PE uniforms will no longer be sold at Leopard's Den from June 15th, 2018 onwards.  All uniforms (Daily and PE) will be available for purchase from Threads. 

  • Regulation DAA athletics shirt.
  • Regulation blue shorts.
  • Regulation swimming suit (personal suits are fine - one piece tank type suit for girls).
  • Athletic shoes with non-marking soles and heels. 


  • Regulation cotton blue sweatshirt with school logo.
  • Regulation cotton blue sweater with school logo.
  • DAAPA hoodies/jumpers as sold in The Leopards' Den.

*Straight cut uniform shirts may be worn untucked while tailor cut shirts must be tucked. All shirts must be worn fully buttoned.

All GEMS Dubai American Academy uniform items are available at Threads in the Times Square Centre Outlet. Please visit their web site for directions and a map to the store

Threads Contact details
Telephone : +971 4 396 4837
Website : www.threadsme.com

You can find the price list, please click HERE.


The Leopard's Den

The Leopard's Den is our school spirit store run by the Dubai American Academy Parents' Association (DAAPA), and is located next to the main Atrium leading into our main sports hall.  The store's hours during Ramadan are 7:30am-8:15am Sunday through Thursday, but closed on Tuesdays.   Please note Leopard's Den accepts cash only.