Activities (Internal)

Developing skills in new ways

Participation in extra-curricular activities takes equal importance alongside academic performance at GEMS Dubai American Academy. Through participation in these events, students enrich their school days.

In addition to physical development and the exploration of interests, students learn the thrill of challenge and competition, the importance of concentration, the spirit of teamwork and a sense of accomplishment.

GEMS Dubai American Academy provides a rich extra-curricular program that supports student’s all-round development, providing opportunities for students to develop talents and explore new interests. Activities include both individual pursuits and team building activities for students from KG2 onwards. Students may choose from a wide variety of activities that can include:

Football (soccer)



Art Club

Reading Club


Lego Club

iPad Apps

 Tech Crew

Fitness Club

Film Club





Chess Club



Environmental Club

Model UN


Spanish Club

Scuba Diving

Math Club


Track and Field


Baseball and Softball

Extra-curricular activities can vary throughout the year and we cannot guarantee that the above options will be available. 

Internal Activities: Teacher-led (K2 - Grade 8) 

These activities are included in tuition fees (unless otherwise specified)

KG2 - Grade 8 students: Two terms of activities for elementary students.  Schedules of activities and the link to register are emailed to parents. 

NOTE : High School Internal activities are student-led as students are invited to create and run their own clubs under the supervision of the teacher, and sign up during our Club Fair in September

School Council

All school divisions host a Student Council, which introduces them to the concepts of responsibility, representation and accountability. Representatives are elected for a period of one year. The Councils meet regularly with their Principal of the school to discuss issues raised by the students themselves.  Our Student Innovation Team also contribute to enhance the learning opportunities using technology and innovation. 

Physical Education

GEMS Dubai American Academy comprehensive physical education program emphasizes both physical and social development. Physical education is a continuous process to motivate each student to make wise choices. Through this program students will demonstrate an understanding of sportsmanship, cooperation, respect for and acceptance of self and others, self discipline and confidence. Concepts of safety, knowledge of rules and game strategies, and the promotion of a lifelong physical fitness program are emphasized. Dubai American Academy provides a wide variety of physical experiences using diverse equipment and facilities. 

Related programs include:

  • Activity days
  • Walking/running programs
  • Intramural programs & tournaments
  • Swimming competitions
  • MESAC and Junior EAC sports opportunities.

The core curriculum is enriched with a number of other programs to provide a well-rounded education for Dubai American Academy students.


The Elementary program incorporates drama skills into their everyday class activities and presentations. In the Middle and High schools, drama is offered as an elective.

The Drama program covers many topics including the history of theater, the principles of stage direction, voice and movement techniques, scene design, dramatic criticism, pantomime and melodrama.

Exemplary theater productions are presented annually by all division level schools. A school-wide goal is to host events that permit all students the opportunity to perform on stage!

 To find out more about the extra-curricular activities on offer, please call 04 704 9777.