High School College Counseling

High School College Counseling

For Parents and Students:

Dubai American Academy welcomes college and university admissions representatives throughout the school year to speak with interested students during morning break.  Approximately 250 universities from around the world visit our school every year. 

We advertise these visits through UnifrogFacebook, and the High School Bulletin. These visits are limited to students only, but parents are always welcome to contact our office for the contact information of a visiting representative.  A bulletin board is located in the High School landing area displaying business cards from all of our university visitors.  Please find useful links to HighSchool Counseling Resources below: 

For College & University Admissions Representatives:

We welcome college and university admissions visitors between 9am and 10am on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday during the school year to meet with our four counselors and students in a short college fair-style format.

If you would like to book an appointment to visit Dubai American Academy during one of the times listed above, please contact the High School Counseling Secretary, Mrs. Jan Evans, at [email protected]

 An electronic copy of our High School Profile can be found here. 

 *Please note that we are a paperless office so we are not able to keep any college promotional materials in our office for students.  We recommend that you just bring your business cards, a table banner, and a few brochures as many students prefer to not take college promotional materials.