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DAA has an American Curriculum that embeds creative design, cutting-edge robotics and digital fluencies at its core.  Through teaching, learning and innovation, students develop mastery of multiple fluencies to support genuine world-class learning, personal growth and future readiness.  Creativity, Collaboration, Solution, Information Media and Digital Fluencies, define the learning experience of all DAA students.

In Our Classrooms

Future Fluencies in Action

Discover how future fluencies are integrated in the learning experiences of our students.

  • elementary-innovation


    We seek to provide transformative learning experiences that connect and engage all learners.

  • middle-school-innovation

    Middle School

    Middle school students use solution fluency to inquire into global issues and some possible solutions.

  • high-school-innovation

    High School

    Introduction to AI is now an elective at Dubai American Academy.

The Five

Future Fluencies

A focus on Future-Fluencies embedded throughout the program provides our students with a world-class educational experience, empowering them to become the next generation of leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. Beyond our rigorous academic program, we prepare our students to lead successful lives through the exceptional diversity of our community and the extracurricular experiences that contribute to the development of the whole person.

What Is the Importance of the Future Fluencies?

Future Fluency:

In The Spotlight

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Future Fluencies in Action

See how our students are experiencing the future fluencies
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