Lisa Foster

Lisa Ramshaw

Head of Teaching, Learning and Innovation

Lisa joined GEMS Dubai American Academy in August 2018 as the Head of Teaching, Learning & Innovation and is excited to start her third year with the DAA family this year.

Lisa is entering her 12th year in Dubai, after starting an international career here at GEMS World Academy in the 2008-09 academic year. In 2011, Lisa moved to the Professional Learning and Development (PLD) Team at GEMS Corporate Office (now TELLAL Institute) and was immersed in school based teacher and leader development. As part of the TELLAL Institute, Lisa continued to work closely with all GEMS schools and partner universities focusing on initial teacher training, professional learning and development, and school leadership and management. Lisa holds a Masters in Leadership and Management in Education from Manchester Metropolitan University in England and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Western University in Canada.


Meet Our Team

Our Leadership Team, with over 200 years of combined diverse experience, takes great pride in serving the children of this learning community. Their thoughtful practice and commitment to student-centered decision making keeps children at the heart of the work they do. This makes for an exceptional team to serve the families of Dubai American Academy.


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