Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Admissions & Fees

Age Requirements

Dubai American Academy uses the following age guidelines for admission placement:


Age (years)



Age (years)



Age (years)




Gr. 3



Gr. 8





Gr. 4



Gr. 9


Gr. 1



Gr. 5



Gr. 10


Gr. 2



Gr. 6



Gr. 11


Gr. 3



Gr. 7



Gr. 12


Grade Placement

Dubai American Academy seeks to make the most appropriate grade placement for each student based on his or her age, as well as, academic, social, and emotional development within the Admission's Committee guidelines. Each new student for grades KG1 through 12 may be asked to complete appropriate level assessments. In some instances, students may be asked to return for additional testing or interviewing. Dubai American Academy closely observes and monitors the grade placement for all new students for at least a three-week period to ensure that students have been appropriately placed.

English Language Proficiency

In order for students to fully participate in the school’s instructional programs, students are required to have English language proficiency. Students may be admitted without such proficiency provided they satisfy all enrollment regulations and qualify for DAA’s ELL program, subject to availability of space. Applicants for Middle School must have basic English proficiency, as there is limited ELL support.  High School applicants must be fully proficient in English, as the ELL program is not available in the High School.

Previous Schooling

All new applicants must provide official documentation in English of previous school experience, including transcripts, report card and test scores. Dubai American Academy may request certification of translation from the Consulate of the country in which the student last attended, to meet admission requirements.


In order to secure the seat for the next academic year, parents will be asked to pay a re-enrollment fee which is non-refundable, but adjustable against the first semester fees.   Please note, students who are unable to be registered with the ministry due to missing required documentation, or students with an outstanding fee balance, will not be able to be re-enroll for the next academic year.  

Student Withdrawals

All students withdrawing from the school must submit notification of their withdrawal in writing to the Registrar office. A 30-day notification period is required to ensure all necessary documents are ready. 

Company Benefits

Parents should note that even if their employer does provide education benefits, the company may not be considered a “Company Pay” account for Dubai American Academy. Parents should check with the Registration Office to inquire about their employer’s status. Parents may have to pay the tuition first and then be reimbursed from their employer, which may have financial implications for families new to Dubai.

Parent Pay Accounts Payment invoices and receipts cannot be split between the parent and the sponsoring company. If a company’s policy does not provide for full payment of school fees, the student account will be shown as a parent pay in the school’s records. This requires parents to pay the registration fee, tuition for the current semester upon initial enrollment and before class attendance. Parents would then seek reimbursement from their company.

Methods of Payment

All tuition and fees are payable in UAE Dirhams or US Dollars only. Funds may be drawn on a UAE bank through a personal check or a bank draft.  All major credit cards are accepted.


The registration fee, admission fee, and re-enrollment fee remain non-refundable, while tuition fee refunds follow the Ministry of Education Bylaws for Private Education.  If a student withdraws or leaves school for any reason, the refunds will be processed as follows and returned to the original payee. 

  • If a student withdraws prior to the start of the academic year, the balance of the first term/semester fee paid will be refunded, except the AED 500 Registration Fee and AED 10,000 Admissions Fee, or the AED 3000 re-enrollment fee. 
  • If a student withdraws during the school term/semester, the Registration fee,  Admission fee, and Re-Enrollment fee, are non-refundable, and the remaining tuition is refunded in accordance per the Ministry of Education bilo for term payments:
    1. Fees will be charged for one full month if a student attends school for two weeks or less.
    2. Fees will be charged for two full months if a student attends school for more than two weeks and less than one month.
    3. Fees will be charged for the entire school term/semester if a student’s attends school for more than one month

Company Accounts

Companies and organizations that have a current account with Dubai American Academy are requested to provide parents of new students a letter stating that the company will be responsible for payment of tuition and fees. These companies are then required to pay the registration fee, tuition for the current semester within 30 days of the date the new student is accepted for enrollment.