Delta Learning

Delivering an exciting instructional programme of extracurricular activities, holiday camps and extended learning opportunities to set children and young people on a lifelong journey of excitement, fulfilment, learning and self-discovery.

Delta Learning aims to give children the opportunity to discover and learn new skills, to identify strengths, to excel in the modern world.

Our children have a unique opportunity to learn from the best instructors in their field including world champions, award winners and industry leaders.  All providers are vetted to make sure they operate within our legal framework, and are complaint with our health, safety and safeguarding standards.  Our rigorous selection process ensures all of our programmes are taught with enthusiasm, quality and expertise to complement the school curriculum. 

Academies and programs include: 

  • Creative Art
  • Music
  • STEM
  • Dancing
  • Adventure Programs
  • Languages
  • Enhanced learning and skills

Here's a list of offerings for Trimester 1 at DAA.

For more information please contact:  
04 403 5064