Entrance Assessments

Dubai American Academy offers a high standard US/IB education to a range of students with varying learning needs and requirements.

Teachers are expected to teach each student as an individual and meet their learning needs accordingly.

For this reason, prospective students are required to undergo assessment tests before a place can be offered.

Assessment tests include:

Primary and Elementary School

All students must meet the age level requirements, meet academic grade level requirements, listen to and follow directions, and display classroom readiness.  They must also conduct themselves in a respectful manner throughout the assessment.  For applicants applying to KG1 the children are assessed and observed in groups of four to eight children.  Five main criteria are considered for successful entrance into the program.  Children must be age appropriate for requested grade level; be able to separate from their caregiver and demonstrate a readiness to participate in the classroom; be bathroom independent; be able to engage in an activity following direction; and be able to demonstrate fine and gross motor skill development at age appropriate level. 

The MAPS assessment is administered to all students seeking placement in third through fifth grades who do not require an English Language Learning Assessment.  MAPS is a computer-based testing system built on 30 years of research and refinement.  Basic skills of Math, Reading, and Language are assessed.  MAPS is a test that self-adapts to the child in realtime, as the test progresses for a pinpoint picture of learning, achievement, and readiness.    

English Language Learners (ELL):   At the time of registration, parents complete a Language background questionnaire.  If an ELL assessment is needed, it becomes part of the enrollment process.  During this process, the student will complete the ELL entrance assessment with an ELL Specialist, and then will complete a Math assessment with a Counselor.

If the ELL program is recommended for students entering Grades 1 - 5, the student is offered the Sheltered Immersion Model (SIM) or Beginner English Course (BEC) model of ELL support.    

Middle and High School

Dubai American Academy employs a holistic approach to the process of evaluating students for entrance into the middle and high school.  The evaluation process includes a review of the student's application, past school records and Dubai American Academy entrance assessments. 

At the time of application, students are evaluated to determine their level of mathematics ability.  Along with past grades, this test is used to determine correct placement in the appropriate mathematics class.  Students applying for entrance into grades 9 or 10, take the High School Math Placement Test, and students applying for grades 11 and 12, take the International Baccalaureate Maths Test.  Students are encouraged to show all of their work in addition to providing a solution.  Results are reviewed by the Mathematics Head of Department to ensure an understanding of the student's mathematics concept development. 

Another integral part of the evaluation process is an assessment of the student's overall language skills.  There are two parts to this assessment:  an essay written by the students, and administration of the Stanford Test of Basic Skills.  Although these measures all contribute to a better understanding of the student's skill development, the essay is considered to be of paramount importance in determining the student's level of ability in language arts and in English language skills. 

The MAPS assessment is administered to all students seeking placement in sixth through twelfth grade.

Based on the information received from the measures, students and parents may be asked to meet with a counselor and/or Principal to gain more information about the student's ability to benefit from the curriculum at DAA.

 For more information about assessment or requirements for entry, please call 04 327 9222.