Local Advisory Board


As part of our governance structure, DAA has a Local Advisory Board (LAB) which meets at at least five times a year. As outlined in the UAE National Agenda, a major initiative for all UAE schools is to build strong school governance to help create a national education sector with enduring and consistent quality, as we work together towards achieving Vision 2021.

Our Board Members consist of the following: 

Amr Albialy, Chairperson

Dr. Saliha Afridi, Inclusion Governor

Tammy Murphy, DAA Superintendent/CEO

Ben Voborsky, DAA Deputy Superintendent

Chris Marshall, Student Support Center

Stuart Walker, GWA Superintendent

Alzeta Strazimiri, Parent

Hananah Zaheer, Parent

Ghadeer Alsayouf, Parent

Eman Qadumi, Student and Co-President 

Nicholas Hensel, Student and Co-President

The Board works to understand and uphold GEMS and DAA’s vision and values, monitor, advise and support the school on matters of strategy and policy, assist with monitoring the school’s standards and performance, and support the school and the Superintendent by providing counsel. The members are experienced and skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Our Local Advisory Board holds the important role at DAA of overseeing the achievement of the school’s strategic aims and objectives, greatly improving the school’s performance. The LAB is not involved in financial matters, the appointing of staff, the day-to-day operations of the school, admissions, nor individual issues. The LAB assists with monitoring the activity and performance of the school by supporting the school’s senior leaders to be fully accountable for DAA’s outcomes. Working in partnership with the school, the Local Advisory Board actively collaborates, engages and challenges the school through constructive dialogue.

Last spring, our LAB was selected by KHDA to participate in the production of a Governance video to be shared throughout Dubai Schools. Please take time to view this work as we were honored to have been part of this work that will benefit all schools. You can watch the KHDA video below.